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Resolve "Investigate Potential AuditThread Deadlock"

Ghost User requested to merge 61-investigate-auditthread-deadlock into develop

Closes #61

Testing for IMS Blocking Updates

  • Migration adds new settings if audit.max.block exists (ims.max.retry and ims.reset.timeout)
  • Default values can be loaded if settings do not exist (ims.max.retry and ims.reset.timeout)
  • UI displays new settings (ims.max.retry and ims.reset.timeout)
  • UI updates settings (ims.max.retry and ims.reset.timeout)]
  • AuditThread suspends on failure to communicate with the ims
  • AuditThread can resume if communication to the ims is regained within the retry period
  • AuditThread will fail if the max retry setting is passed
  • AuditTokens can resume
  • AuditTokens can fail
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