Commit 0d0d0679 authored by Eddie Schoute's avatar Eddie Schoute
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Remove old code

parent ed399785
......@@ -73,11 +73,6 @@ def perm_to_01(L, i, j):
median = (j - i) // 2
return L[:i] + [int(sorted_subseq.index(k) > median) for k in subseq] + L[j + 1:]
def permutationsort_divideconquer_tbs(L):
"""Routes the given permutation using reversals. Returns the reversals"""
j = max(L)
return permutationsort_divideconquer_tbs(L, 0, j)
def permutationsort_divideconquer_tbs(L, i=None, j=None):
Sorts the given permutations L from index i to j (inclusive) using a divide and conquer approach. Returns a list of
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