ACE Release 1.13

ACE 1.13 Release Notes

Audit Manager

  • bug fix Resolve #6: Handle NPE in Browse Servlet
  • bug fix Resolve #27: Fix regression in peer comparison which prevented all collections from being displayed
  • bug fix Resolve #29: 0 showing up in status servlet
  • bug fix Resolve #30: Log TokenAuditFinish after all Tokens are validated
  • bug fix Resolve #43: Fix startup failing on initial run
  • Resolve #44: Provide a calendar when retrieving stats about collections
  • Resolve #46: Update the default IMS Port to 80
  • Resolve #47: Update collection count when files are removed
  • Resolve #48: Rework how collection count is handled by querying the database
  • Resolve #49: Add Remove All option to the Report Servlet
  • Resolve #50: Add UI for showing progress of Token Store imports
  • Resolve #52: Make Audit logging more clear by adding delimiters to values