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Updated wording on some settings

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......@@ -48,9 +48,9 @@
<div class="settingsHelp"><img src="images/help.png" title="Maximum bytes per second per running audit, default = 0 = unlimited"></div>
<div class="settingsRow">
<div class="settingsName">Auto Audit:</div>
<div class="settingsName">Disable Auto Audit:</div>
<div class="settingsVal"><input type=text name="auto.audit.disable" value="${currSettings['auto.audit.disable']}"/></div>
<div class="settingsHelp"><img src="images/help.png" title="Start automated auditing"></div>
<div class="settingsHelp"><img src="images/help.png" title="Disable automated auditing"></div>
<div class="settingsRow">
<div class="settingsName">Audit Only Mode:</div>
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