Commit 7c1fa961 authored by Michael Ritter's avatar Michael Ritter
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Update the default page sizes

parent 83047a1a
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ public class StatusServlet extends EntityManagerServlet {
private static final String PAGE_NUMBER = "page";
private static final long DEFAULT_PAGE = 0;
private static final int DEFAULT_COUNT = 20;
private static final int DEFAULT_COUNT = 100;
// TODO: Add session fields for pagination and search params
private static final String SESSION_WORKINGCOLLECTION = "workingCollection";
......@@ -328,9 +328,9 @@
<td align="center">
Show per page:
<a href="${page.getCount(20)}">20</a>
<a href="${page.getCount(50)}">50</a>
<a href="${page.getCount(100)}">100</a>
<a href="${page.getCount(500)}">500</a>
<a href="${page.getCount(1000)}">1000</a>
<td align="right">
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