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Create class for mapping an IngestSummary

parent a7d89399
package edu.umiacs.ace.stats;
import java.math.BigDecimal;
import java.sql.Timestamp;
* A summary of a collection
* Created by shake on 8/29/16.
public final class IngestSummary {
public final Timestamp date;
public final String collection;
public final String group;
public final Long count;
public final BigDecimal size;
public IngestSummary(Timestamp date, String collection, String group, Long count, BigDecimal size) { = date;
this.collection = collection; = group;
this.count = count;
this.size = size;
public Timestamp getDate() {
return date;
public String getCollection() {
return collection;
public String getGroup() {
return group;
public Long getCount() {
return count;
public BigDecimal getSize() {
return size;
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