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Audit Control Environment(ACE), Audit Manager
Please see the INSTALL file for new ace installation instructions. Otherwise,
for upgrades, look at the UPGRADE file.
Release notes are available at
Issue Tracker and releases:
Help, discussion:
1. Stop tomcat.
- $TOMCAT/bin/ or $TOMCAT/bin/shutdown.bat
2. Apply any sql patches from the updates directory.
- run patches in order (example: updating from 1.4 to 1.6)
mysql> source 1.4-1.4.2.updates.sql;
mysql> source 1.5-1.6.updates.sql;
3. Remove old versions
- $TOMCAT/webapps/ace-am
- $TOMCAT/webapps/ace-am.war
- $TOMCAT/work/Catalina/localhost/ace-am
4. Drop in new ace-am.war
- copy ace-am.war to $TOMCAT/webapps/ace-am.war
5. Restart tomcat
- $TOMCAT/bin/ or $TOMCAT/bin/startup.bat
Notes for specific versions.
- if updating from versions prior to 1.6, see the 1.6 notes.
The 1.6 version changed how the ACE tokens are stored in the database.
When you start the new version after an upgrade, ACE will attempt to
migrate your existing tokens to the new format. This will result in ACE
not being available immediately. Depending on how many files you monitor
this migration may take several minutes. You can monitor the progress of
an upgrade by looking at the ace log file (/tmp/aceam.log).
You will see lines that look like:
[MIGRATION]Old token table still exists, migration triggered
[MIGRATION]Token Migration starting
[MIGRATION]Migrated: 50000/567832 tokens processed: 10000
[MIGRATION]Token migration successfully finished
If you have not installed the required sql patches, ace will not start and
you will see the following error in the log file:
[MIGRATION]SQL patch to 1.6+ has not been installed, table 'acetoken' does no exist, shutting down!
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